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Memorial Town Hall 1905 (Formerly the Central School)
Originally built as an eight room schoolhouse, the Central School was converted into The Town Hall in 1974. The construction of the Georgetown Central School in 1905 brought to an end the system of one-room schoolhouses scattered throughout the community which had been the rule since the eighteenth century. In 1994, it was officially named Memorial Town Hall to commemorate individual citizens for outstanding dedication and service to the town. In 1999, the exterior was restored and the interior is currently under restoration.
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Brocklebank House (Museum)
The Brocklebank house is believed to have been built in the late 1600's. The land on which the house stands was granted in 1661 to Samuel Brocklebank, a surveyor, who had come from England to Rowley as a child in 1638. Brocklebank, a captain in the militia, was killed along with his entire company in Sudbury in 1676 in a skirmish with Indians during the King Philip's War. The house is now owned and operated by the Georgetown Historical Society.
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The Perley Free School (without addition)
Built in 1898, The Perley School construction was funded by John Perley, a prominent area merchant, raised in Georgetown. Mr. Perley died in 1860 and left monies to finance a "free school for the residents of Georgetown". By 1898 sufficient funds had accumulated to undertake the project. Know as "The Perley Free School", it served as the town's only high school. A fire in 1935, gutted the interior of the building. The town rebuilt and opened it as Perley High School the next year.
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The Perley Free School (with addition)
The Perley Free School was newly renovated in 1998-1999. Originally built in 1898 to serve as the town's only high school, now serves as the school for grades Pre-School through First Grade, and is known as the Perley Elementary School.
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Trolley Trestle
The trestle built in 1896, high over railroad tracks, solved the problem caused by the Boston & Maine Railroad's refusal to allow the trolley to cross their tracks, an inconvenience to passengers who had a long walk to the town's center. This served as a commuter rail between Haverhill and Georgetown.
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Georgetown Peabody Library
The second public library to be built in Georgetown through the generosity of George Peabody, London Banker and philanthropist. The first library, built in 1869, on the old Swamp Road, presently Library Street, was a gift by Mr. Peabody to honor his mother's birthplace and his sister who resided in Georgetown. He stipulated that $3,000 of the funds he gave to erect the building be invested and could be used to build another structure when the fund accumulated $20,000. By 1888, the town decided it was necessary to replace the first library and to build in a better location. This classic Richardsonian structure opened in 1909.
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Byfield Parish
In 1701, Mehetabel Moody, acting on behalf of 19 families, successfully petitioned the towns of Newbury and Rowley for permission to form a new church parish. The new parish, named in honor of Judge Byfield, erected the first Byfield Parish Church in 1702. Founded by the people within the parish and not the local government, it was the first independent Congregational Church in America. The present 5th church, depicted here, was erected in 1988. It is located a short distance from the 4th church, now a private residence, that stands on the site of all previous church buildings. The year 2002 marks the 300th anniversary of the parish.
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Erie 4 Engine House
Erie Fire Association No. 4 Inc. (Erie 4), formed in 1854, is proudly the oldest, non-profit, privately owned volunteer Fire Company in the USA with its members still heroically fighting fires. In 1915 the original structure fell victim to a fire and was rapidly replaced by the members with a single door engine house. Since then, Erie 4 has expanded twice, the most recent in 1974, which reached completion in 1978. It resulted in the present 3,400 square foot, triple door engine house. The year 2004 marks the 150th anniversary. The memorial was dedicated to the deceased members of the Erie 4 Fire Association and given in memory of Col. Edgar Schwartz.
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School House No. 3, circa 1828 - Known as the Hill School
In the early days there Schoolhouse No. 3 on Andover Hill  is the last remaining one-room that was built to replace the original schoolhouse that was where the Civil War Monument is today. No. 3 closed in 1905 and was used as a barn by the owners. When the Perley family sold the estate in 1984, they gave the town the gift of the schoolhouse. Old No.3 was moved to the Georgetown Historical Society's property and is now one of the historic structures on East Main Street.
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