The Georgetown Historical Society

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The Georgetown Historical Society, Georgetown, Massachusetts, was incorporated in 1962, and is open to all who wish to join. The membership now numbers approximately 150 persons. The original home for the society was The Dickinson-Pillsbury-Witham House, a circa 1700 First Period structure located in the northwest corner of town. This house was sold (with preservation covenants) in 1975 when the Captain Samuel Brocklebank house was made available to the organization by the Spaulding family.

The Brocklebank house has been home to the society ever since and has become a repository for the many hundreds of artifacts from Georgetown´┐Żs past which have been collected by the members. The Society is in a sense a trustee of the town's heritage and as such views the gathering and preserving of mementos from the past as an on-going process.

The Historical Society presents programs of general historical interest for its members and townspeople throughout the year. In addition, the members have gathered and organized a collection of over 600 slides of old Georgetown from which several memorable (and well attended) shows have been staged. The slide shows as well as the books which have been published represent part of the continuing commitment of the Society to reaching out to the general community, especially the young people of Georgetown.

It is in this context that the Historical Society offered the land next to the Museum to be used as a site for the only remaining one-room schoolhouse in Georgetown. Schoolhouse #3 was moved from a location on Andover Hill to its present site next to the museum in 1984 through the efforts of many citizens of the town. It is now owned by the town and maintained by The Georgetown Historical Commission. The school is complete with original blackboards, desks, and the wood-burning stove. The preservation of this schoolhouse has allowed many Georgetown youngsters to get a glimpse of the past. The museum is open for tours by the general public on selected Sundays from 2-5 p.m. from June through Columbus Day in October. On request, tours of the School house can also be arranged for during this same period. Special tours of both the school and the museum at other times may also be arranged by contacting the Georgetown Historical Society. See Events for more information. Tours are conducted by volunteer Brocklebank Museum guides through a cooperative effort of the Commission and the Society.

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